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Why online exams

  • Online exam facilitates, candidates to to practice and evaluate by themselves, which helps to eradicate their fear factor and ensures to perform with their fullest capability in targeted exam.

Benefits to the individual training institutes

  • Enable faculty to publish online test in English and also in all regional languages(Hindi,Kannada,Telugu,Tamil...)
  • Assist to create and publish tests on day to day basis by evaluating candidates on specific topic to the subject level and also in multiple subjects.
  • This product significantly reduces infrastructure costs for Institutes, as this product works in PCs,Laptops,Smart Phones and Tablet PCs.
  • The assessment of candidates becomes very easy, with candidate percentage analytics graphs.
  • Helps Faculty in conducting test with various test patterns of his choice.

Benefits of Candidates

  • Facilitates candidates to take examination in PC's,Notebook,Smart phones and Tables at their convinient time
  • Helps candidates by notifying announced tests by faculty by emails and SMS
  • Assists candidates to track their progress by reading their result chart analytis for stipulated time

SSC CHSL and CGL and SBI Prelims available now.

  • 3 Tests published per week.
  • Packages are very nominal starting from Rs. 35/- (3 tests with validity of 7 days)
  • Weekly and Monthly Package are also available.
  • We accept Paytm too
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